The Benefits of Getting a Small Portable Concrete Pump

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A concrete pump is a type of machinery used to transfer liquid concrete via a process known as pumping. It’s a vital machine that can be used for all kinds of construction projects. The standard type however, quickly becomes daunting in terms of operation and transportation, particularly for small projects. Also, using a conventional concrete pump doesn’t make sense economic wise when they are not utilized over the long term.

This is where small portable concrete pumps offer the greatest benefits. This type of pump makes perfect sense for smaller and short-term projects. In this read, we are going to take a look at the advantages of getting a small mobile concrete pump.

BS30D diesel concrete pump
BS30D diesel concrete pump


Small portable concrete pumps are quite stable in terms of performance. These machines give you the ability to transport an array of materials, thus making them reliable. Also, the small pump with mixer acts like the conventional one when it comes to placing concrete precisely, which is not labor intensive.

Flexible Transportation

Due to its size, the small portable concrete pump is easier to transport to areas even when road conditions are not the best. It is ideally quicker to transport this kind of pump as it is relatively small and does consume a lot of fuel. The flexibility of mini portable concrete pumps give an added benefit of reducing the costs of a construction project in a substantial manner.

HBTS80 diesel concrete pump
HBTS80 diesel concrete pump

Lower Labor Intensity

One of the biggest advantages of these pumps is the ability to reduce the labor intensity on development projects in a substantial manner. The small version will still call for more workers compared to the larger models, but most of the newer ones have automated features which get rid of the need for manual operation. Also, a mini  pump is easier to operate as its capabilities run on a smaller scale.

Easier To Use

There are numerous types of concrete pumps out there, but not all are easy to use. The appearance and functionality of a mini-concrete pump goes beyond the size, style and reliability. Most of the smaller models today, as mentioned above, are automated. This adds to the convenience factor as they run efficiently and precisely. The diesel model is a popular choice and provides benefits like a higher pumping pressure, longer pumping distance, stable performance as well as lower energy consumption. You can find more details here:

Small portable concrete pumps have gained popularity in the construction industry since their inception. If you want to reduce the labor intensity, reduce operation costs and work in a convenient manner, then you may want to consider this kind of pump. The small concrete pup is flexible, reliable and easy to operate. Depending on your needs and location, it is important to check on the portability of the machine before purchasing. These machines come in various sizes and at different price points due to the varying features. If you are working on a short-term small project, it is usually best to consider renting one instead of making the purchase.